Saturday, June 30, 2007

Am I really running across the country?

If you're wondering, the answer is no. I'll be running in the Concord, NH area while I'm at law school, and I'm translating that mileage into the equivalent of driving from Philadelphia to LA. I've got Google Maps Directions from the respective airports to guide me. As much as possible, I'll follow the correct routes to make it as real as possible.

A huge thanks to Google Maps Pedometer which allows me to create these maps!

My first run(s)

This post represents the runs from June through current day. Up to this point, I've left the Philly airport, gone through King of Prussia and all the way down the turnpike past Harrisburg. I'm now between Newville and Newburg on my way toward the Ohio border.

Getting Started

Since I've already started running using the Nike+ system, my first post will contain past runs since the beginning of June. Cheating a bit? Yes. But am I interested in reseting the iPod or subtracting the previous runs every time I run? Nope.

It also falls very close to 3 years if I start it this way. Law school goes August to May, so by starting in June, I'll be close to 3 full years by the time law school is over. However I rationalize it, it is what it is.

What is this site?

I'm heading to law school in a month, and I want to stay motivated while I'm there for the next three years. A thousand miles a year is a good goal, but it's always so tough to visualize. So, I wanted to make something more concrete to truly measure my progress.

That said, I'm planning to run 2,736 miles in the next three years--or the equivalent of running across the country from the Philadelphia Airport (PHL) to Los Angeles International (LAX). I'll show Google Maps progress as I go to show the equivalent of what a run across the country would look like.