Sunday, February 3, 2008

100,000 calories burned!

After my run on Saturday, I surpassed the 100,000 calorie burned threshold! I started with the iPod/Nike+ system in May, so in 8 months I've burned the equivalent to 40 days on a 2,500/day diet or 50 days on a 2,000/day diet.

It seems like an odd thing to celebrate, I know, but that's a threshold that I didn't think I'd ever see. It reminds me why I started to run.

If you're curious (and I know you are), my menu for Super Bowl Sunday includes nachos, chips, pretzels, likely pizza and a staggering amount of beer. Is it possible to consume all 100,000 calories in one day?


Christine said...

Great Job! Too bad I probably consume more calories than I burn. Running makes me sooo hungry haha.

Topher said...

Hey man, just found your blog on Complete Running. I love "distance" goals like what you're doing. My wife and I did something similar and lost a lot of weight walking. I got bored with walking so took up running once we'd reached our goal. I'm in Kansas City, and looks like you'll "be here" soon. Keep it up, it's very motivational.

CewTwo said...

Geez... I get busy for a little while and all of a sudden when I get back you are a marathon man! Good for you! How many pairs of shoes have you gone through?

CewTwo said...

Hey! I linked to you in my latest of delinquent posts!