Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sandown 5-Miler results

I just completed the Sandown 5-Miler. The interesting part about this race is that I had no idea it had the hills it did. It wasn't advertised or even mentioned anywhere when I was looking around. Well, it turns out that it's known for the 13 hills in 5 miles. The last major one rises 350 feet almost straight up.

OK, so lots of good news here.

1) I finished in 43:31, right around an 8:37 pace. I was very happy with this.
2) Had I known that the course looked like this, I likely wouldn't have done it. I'm glad that I was in the dark.
3) It was actually a lot of fun to run, and will be even more fun next year when I run it because I know what's involved.
4) By the time I got to the 4th mile, I had already crested the 350' hill and had a ton of energy. I was hurdling the cones on the side of the road and smiling from ear to ear.
5) If you take this pace and double it (I know--not really a true calculation), I'd best my time at the Broad Street Run by almost 3 minutes. The Broad Street Run is almost completely flat. Couple that in and that tells me I'm in much better shape now that I was in May.

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