Friday, October 12, 2007

My World Wife Half marathon

I had originally planned to run my 1/2 marathon for the World Wide Half on Saturday, but well, I became a bit more motivated as I hit the road on Wednesday. I had a Clif Shot (my first one) and decided to hit the road. I felt good as I ran and decided to go the distance and get the 13 miles out of the way. As you can see, I hit my peak around 8 miles (close to 8:15/mile) and then dropped to 9:09/mile at the very end. I was definitely tired when it was over, but not too bad.

I was a bit disappointed in my time. I would have liked to see it a few minutes faster. The general conversion for a 1/2 to a full marathon is 2x 1/2 marathon time + 10 minutes. That'd put me at exactly 4 hours, which is my goal for February.

That said, this is the longest I've ever run and for the longest time, so I guess I shouldn't complain. And, this allows me to take it a bit easier on Saturday/Sunday, though I think I'll still try to get some decent runs in--just not 13 miles.

And I'm into another state--Ohio. It didn't take much to get me through West Virginia, and now I'm on Rt. 70 through Ohio.


Ali said...

I love your virtual journey, logging your miles on the map. That's a great idea ... which I might totally steal!

Road Warrior said...

You're welcome to it.
See my post for details on how I did it.

Susan said...

I have not posted in quite a while... but I must say that I LOVE your site. This is quite a neat idea!

I was wondering; each time you "enter" a new town, do you do any research about it? That might be neat. As in, you could post one fact about each new target. Just an idea!

I think your race looked GREAT! I'd just croak if I could ever run a sub-2 half!!!

CewTwo said...

I agree a sub-2 half is amazing to a "Clydesdale" class runner like me. It is so cool. If you don't take up the idea of researching the towns you virtually travel through then maybe we commenters could.

My goal is just to 'eventually' run a 2 hour half!

Congratulations on a great run!

Petraruns said...

This is just so great! What a pace as well for your first half marathon! Well done. Keep this pace for next year in NH and we'll sock it to the competition!

Midwest said...

Super cool idea running across the country.