Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Progress - 11/13/07 (Columbus, OH)

I'm 471 miles in and finally in a major city--Columbus, OH. I'm continuing west on Rt. 70 on my way past Dayton as the next major city. I'm about 90 miles from the Indiana border. Once I hit Indiana, I'll start to head southwest on my way towards LA.

Some notes about Columbus:

- It's the capital city with a population of 711,000.
- Forbes magazine voted it the 8th best large city to inhabit.
- It's a big sports town, home to The Ohio State Buckeyes, an AFL, NHL, soccer and minor-league baseball team.


Petraruns said...

Tag - you're it! Shirley grabbed me and made me do a meme - and now it's your turn! Check out my latest post to see what you need to do!

CewTwo said...

Columbus, ey?

You are moving along now!

I personally haven't seen much of the midwest (aside from Chicago) and the Eastern seacoast...

peter said...

It's got a great marathon.