Friday, September 21, 2007

Why I Run

I started exercising in May 2006 after I broke up with my girlfriend. I looked at myself in the mirror and my waist size and I knew that I had let myself go (see below). I was pushing a 40 waist and I looked bad--really bad. I wasn't sleeping well and didn't feel that good about myself. So, I started walking on a treadmill along with doing Weight Watchers. I did that until January 2007 when I was at my peak for walking and wasn't burning the calories or getting the level of work out that I wanted to have.

So, purely out of efficiency, I started to run on the treadmill. I wasn't running very fast (12 minute miles), but I had set a goal for myself. I was going to run the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia in May 2007 -- a 10 mile run, exactly 10x my longest run ever before. I now had something to train for. As soon as it got warm enough out, I hit a trail a 1/4 mile from my house. I started with 2 miles and eventually worked up to 10 miles. I didn't like it at first, but I grew to love it. I couldn't stay inside anymore because I liked the allure of the road, even if I wasn't going anywhere in particular.

Since that race, I've developed a fever and the only cure was more running. I work out 6 days a week and feel guilty on the 7th day, but I know it's better for me. At this point, I do between 25 and 35 miles a week and I couldn't be happier. I went from 12 minute miles to 8-8:15 minute miles.

So, did it help? Well, you can be the judge. I lost 75 pounds in a year and went from a 40 to a 31 waist. Needless to say, I feel great.

Before (40 waist)

After (31 waist)


J said...

Jeepers! You look GOOD!!!

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

What a great story! You must have been a runner just waiting to break out! 8:00 min miles? You go guy!

Thanks for sharing.


Maddy said...

That is an awesome transformation!

It's amazing what running can do you for you!

You look great!

You should be very, very proud!

Arcane said...

Nice transformation! Congratulations!

CewTwo said...

It is a great feeling, isn't it?

I've been there and I congratulate you for your personal acheivement! And you are running miles so very fast...

If we ever run together, you'll make me eat your dust!

Congratulations on a great lifestyle change at an early age!

Nancy said...

Congrats on your journey. You look and sound great!!

Susan said...

I'm still waiting to transform from 12-min miles to 8-min miles.


Great job, Greg!