Monday, February 25, 2008

Progress - 2/25/08 (Montrose, IL)

After my marathon, I've added a few miles to the ol' ticker. I'm at 780 miles and just passed Montrose, IL along Rt. 70 on the way to St. Louis where I'll pick up Rt. 44. Montrose, IL is known for, um, nothing. It has a population of 257 people and has a total area of 0.7 square miles. Yep, it's a regular metropolis!


CewTwo said...

I have a 8" telescope - Computer driven, the whole schlemiel. One of my favorite places to take it could be described like Montrose, IL. Small community with a general store (mostly soda, water and ice cream). But it does have dark skies. It is a far distance from any nearby city or town that can have or couse light pollution.

Petraruns said...

Look at you! you're back on the road again.. I think I can see you heading to Chicago..