Friday, April 4, 2008

New Orleans Marathon Pictures

I finally got the pictures from the New Orleans marathon. By finally, I mean I've had them for a couple of weeks and am now just getting a chance to post them. There are plenty more, but these are the best.

Start of the marathon (I'm back by the big sign in the back)

In the park around mile 8

Around Mile 24 (I was starting to hurt at this point)

Right at the finish (the required Rocky pose at Mile 26.1)

The finish (note: raise your hands earlier next time)


ShirleyPerly said...

Great photos, Greg! If you were starting to hurt, I couldn't tell. Love the Rocky Pose!!

Susan said...

GREAT photos! My fave is the one at mile 8. And the Rocky pose, of course! I am a huge Rocky fan.

Jade Lady said...

Great pics. You looked strong all the way to the finish! Thx for posting.

Christine said...

lookin good in the photos!! Whens the next one?

Petraruns said...

You don't appear to be hurting at all - nice and strong ! well done again - what an achievement.. Never stop being proud..

CewTwo said...

Great photos! I recognized you back by the sign!

I am glad you enjoyed that marathon experience. You are motivation for me! And a lot of others!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Great photos!