Monday, March 3, 2008

R.I.P. Marathon Runner

Adam Nickel, a Wisconsin native, died on Sunday after finishing the Little Rock Marathon, according to the Associated Press. Nickel, just 27 years old, died at the hospital later that day.

This type of story, much like Ryan Shay's tragic death during the Olympic trials in NYC, makes me think about a long of things related to running and mortality.

First, most of us run to become or stay healthy and stave off mortality as long as possible. By getting out and hitting the road when it would be much easier to stay home and watch TV and eat potato chips, we are at the very least improving our quality of life. Our hearts don't work as hard, we can do more and we are generally happier.

Second, it's important to know your limits when you race. I don't know if Adam was outside of his limits, but it still serves an important warning. We need to work up to our distances, know when our injuries are too much, and know when enough is enough and it's OK to have a DNF on your "record".

Third, we need to do what we love. I know Ryan Shay loved to run and he died doing what he loved to do. I don't know if running was Adam's passion, but he had to of at least enjoyed it a little to run 26.2 miles.

Adam's story gave me serious pause. It added credibility to my family's fear for my health as I ran the marathon last weekend. At the same time, it's given me more resolve to train and train hard to make sure that my body is as ready for a race as it can be.

My thoughts go out to Adam's family as they try to deal with a loss that no one expected. Rest in Peace, Marathon Finisher Adam Nickel.


Susan said...

I was there yesterday, as a spectator. I only heard of the death after the fact.

It's tragic. There's not anything more I can say about that.

Jade Lady said...

Very sad to hear. 27 is too young to die.

CewTwo said...

What a thing to have happen. I do think that all of us consider that at one time or another.
I have looked at the course for the Chicago marathon and compared it to runs I have made (at least distance wise). I know where I would have been along that course. I also think of things that are happening to me and wonder... It is not going to stop me though. This is my ring to take! I will!

Thanks for the good thoughts, Greg!