Thursday, April 17, 2008

Progress - 4/18/08 (Hagarstown, IL)

I'm 823 miles into my trip and just north of Hagarstown, IL on I70 towards St. Louis. I'll continue on Rt. 70 until I hit St. Louis and then I'll continue southwest toward LA.

My progress has been slow since I've developed some knee pain, but I'm continuing. My goal is to be 1/3 of the way to LA by May 18 which is one year from the day I started tracking my runs and 2 years from the hopeful end of my journey.


Susan said...

Good luck with the journey and good luck with the knee!

CewTwo said...

Have you gotten as far as you thought you would have by now?

You're a much faster than I am. I have been tracking my miles on the treadmill and am surprised at how very slow I really am.

It doesn't phase me too much, though. I just run on beyond it.

Good deal, Greg!