Saturday, June 14, 2008

Progress - 6/14/08 (Pacific, MO)

I'm now 921 miles into my journey and just east of Pacific, Missouri. Pacific is just west of St. Louis and was established in 1859. It's a town of only about 5.5 square miles and 5,500 people. Pacific is on Rt. 44 and historic Rt. 66 (on which you can likely get your kicks).

Since the last update, I've passed through St. Louis and from Illinois into Missouri. I'll stay on Rt. 44 for another 400 miles through Oklahoma.

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CewTwo said...

Good plan not taking Route 66. It runs through the great american desert between Flagstaff and Phoenix, AZ.

Historiaclly rich (pre-interstate highway) and has had a TV show about it! (Oh wait... You knew that...)

Keep it up! Doing good!