Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cigna 5K by the numbers

I ran the Cigna 5K a couple of weeks ago, along with 5,500 other participants who either walked, jogged, ran or a combination thereof. I was thinking today about how great it is that so many people made a point to get out and be fit.

If you run the numbers, assuming everyone finished, combined we ran 17,050 miles in a one hour period (5,500 participants x 3.1 miles). That's more than 3 round trips from New York to LA, all by participants in a local 5K. That's an amazing statistic and one we should all be proud of.

I've really taken to enjoying the pre-race stuff because I'm just so impressed at how many people are keeping fit and making the decision not to sit on the couch but to go out and do something. It's a beautiful thing and my hope is that it's contagious.

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Marlene said...

I love the feeling before a race when you're standing in the starting area with dozens, hundreds or THOUSANDS of other runners. There's such a positive energy and we should all feel proud to be part of this community.