Thursday, September 25, 2008

My first 3-a-day

I just completed my first 3-a-day run in preparation for 48 Miles in 48 Hours. I did it to test my body and try out different things prior to the big day(s).

I ran 4.43, 5.12 and 5.82 respectively from this morning to this evening for a total of 15.37 miles and about 2,100 calories burned.

I ran at 10 AM, 2:30 PM and 5:30 PM. That was a mistake.

First, I should have gotten up and out earlier than 10 AM because when I got back I had to eat breakfast and then lunch an hour or two later.

Second, I had two pieces of chicken for lunch (50g of protein) and ran an hour later. Big mistake. I need to give myself a couple of hours to digest because it felt like a rock in my stomach.

Third, by the time I got back from the middle run, I had a little over an hour to rest before going back out. I need more time to rest.

That said, all things considered, I'm tired but not exhausted. 3 8-milers in a day will be tough, but going back the next day and continuing will be even tougher. I'm confident that I'll be able to do it but it will be quite a challenge.

OK, time to replenish some calories. I'm planning a dinner of two pieces of chicken (boneless, skinless), salmon and catfish. When it's all said and done, I will have consumed about 90 grams of protein. The general rule, from what I hear, is to consume about half of your body weight in grams of protein. That is a TON of food but I'm trying to get as much protein as I can. It does the body good!


Marlene said...

Way to go on your first triple play!

Sounds like you learned some valuable lessons and that's the important thing - it's all a learning expereince and you'll feel better about it next time.

Hope you enjoyed your protein dinner. I could not possible eat that much chicken/fish in one sitting, so I have to make it up in protein shakes. Blech!

Petraruns said...

You're doing the right thing by doing the wrong things in training there you know? It's quite different from regular running I can see...

Very interesting to see how you're next one goes. And it's all in a good cause as well!

CewTwo said...

Thank god for training! I learned so much. The actual running was a small part.

Learning how to continue to run was a major part. Nourishment and what to carry with was just as important!

You are using your training time to accomplish the overall goal. Kudos, my friend, kudos!

We really need to talk about Shirley... Some other time, some other medium,. perhaps. She is such a great person!

ShirleyPerly said...

Good lessons learned! You are certainly venturing in new territory here so there's bound to be some things that don't go quite as you might have hoped. But it's all part of the training process as others have mentioned.

After we talked at the race I got to thinking about the folks who run two marathons on a weekend (Sat & Sun), which is not all that different from what you'll be doing mileage-wise. They will mostly replenish carbs during their runs and then have a high protein meal afterward. Even though you are (currently) planning to take breaks between your runs during a day, a similar nutrition strategy might work for you. Food for thought :-)