Friday, October 17, 2008

48 Miles in 48 Hours - One day to the craziness

At this time tomorrow I'll be done with my first segment and resting/eating in preparation for segment 2 of my 48 Miles in 48 Hours 2-day affair. I'm doing 6 segments over a 2 day period to total 48 miles (2 days x 3 segments x 8 miles).

I first came up with this idea in June after a heat-filled 5-mile run. I thought it was crazy then, but that was 4 months ago. Now, it sounds extra crazy.

I spent some time worrying yesterday about what I had gotten myself into. I know that I'll be able to do it, but I've now moved into my unbridled fear stage of things. And while I'm sure I'll drift back into that between today and tomorrow morning when it starts, I had a visualization during my last run today that will get me through.

Since I'm using a Garmin, I can keep track of the miles. Rather than reset it at the end of each segment, I'm going to keep the total running. That way, at the end of the 48 mile run on Sunday evening, I'll have a watch that says I ran 48 miles. That will be the picture that I post to this site and the event site. That's what you'll see. And then I'll blow that picture up as large as I can and frame it.

Details to follow about who is running virtually with me and how to track my progress.

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Marlene said...

That will be AWESOME!

Rest up, eat up and sleep up! You're ready for this!