Tuesday, December 16, 2008

200,000 calories burned!

Just 10 months ago, I wrote that I had burned over 100,000 calories by running. I'm now proud to report that I have crossed the 200,000 calorie threshold!

That averages out to about 10,000 calories per month or 2,500 calories per week. In other words, if my diet was 2,500 calories (and I have no idea what it is), then that would be like I didn't eat for an entire day.

Of course, that's not completely accurate because food gives you the fuel to burn your everyday calories, but you get the point.

To put that even more in perspective, that equates to 25 100-calorie Oreo packs. Or, um, 4 Whoppers from Burger King at 670 calories each (not counting the fries).

Either way, that's a nice milestone to celebrate. For those of you who run considerably farther than I do, I'm sure that number is even more ridiculous. Nothing like a big milestone to get me going on a Monday morning!


Susan said...

Congrats! That is a lot. Wow!

ShirleyPerly said...

That's a LOT! I once figured that I burn only 75-80 cals/mile when running, though, so even if I did run more miles I wouldn't probably burn as many calories as you. Enjoy your Whoppers :-)