Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Seacost Century Ride this weekend

In a bout to ensure that I do some crazy athletic thing at least every other weekend, I'm riding the Seacoast Century Ride this weekend. As is often the case with me, 100 miles is more than I've ever ridden at one time before, but at least this ride can be done over two days.

The course starts from Hampton, NH, and then heads south to Massachusetts, and then back north Cape Neddick, Maine. I think we'll head around York Beach, Maine, to see a nice lighthouse. All told, over 2 days, we'll hit the century mark of 100 miles. Like my ridiculous 48 Miles in 48 Hours, expect a picture of the Garmin at 100 miles as proof of the insanity.

I'm riding with a friend and we're planning our stops around good ice cream and lobster places (not places that serve both ice cream and lobster, though). Ice cream and lobster is the equivalent of GU, right? Right?

I did a nice, easy 25-mile ride this past weekend and felt absolutely fine. It was my first post-marathon piece of exercise, if you don't count the frequent trips to the fridge for another well-deserved beer. You don't count that, right?

It's odd, though. I don't have a doubt in my mind that I'll be able to do the distance. Something about being in good shape that keeps my stress level low. That, and, well, I don't really get stressed pre-race.

I'll try to take pictures this weekend. Should be a very good time.


Marlene said...

Sounds like a great adventure! 100 miles... wow. Good luck and have fun!

Petraruns said...

That sounds wonderful - I think my husband and I went to that lighthouse MANY years ago. Lobster and ice cream sounds like fabulous nutrition for your ride and as for going beyond your comfort zone - you do that rather well so have faith in yourself!

ShirleyPerly said...

That route sounds incredibly scenic!

And 100 miles over 2 days, I'm sure you can totally handle that. Look forward to seeing the pics.

Neil said...

The Seacoast Century is a GREAT Ride. Just watch out for the wind!