Monday, April 12, 2010

The rise of the middle-age ironman

The Times (UK) recently wrote about the change of the male mid-life crisis. It used to be fast cars and younger girls, but now it's triathlons and ultramarathons. The article goes through the shift from material things to how we are making a shift to crazier and crazier athletic feats.

Though I'm not quite in what would be considered "middle age," I did fall into a quarter-life crisis around 28 when I realized that I was not looking the way I wanted to look, and I wasn't looking the way that I used to look. So I started on a plan to be more athletic. Now, I'm (very thankfully) almost done with my three-year journey from Philadelphia to LA, and I need to decide what's next.

I did do an ultramarathon and have run a couple marathons as part of my quarter-life crisis. Though I'm not running across the Sahara desert like some of these guys, I guess we all have our sports car equivalents.

Besides, I've got a couple of years before the mid-life crisis begins. I just hope I'll choose triathlons and ultramarathons. They're cheaper than sports cars, but these days, probably not by much.

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Mel-2nd Chances said...

haha, that gives me hope then!!! :)