Saturday, September 29, 2007

10 mile run - 9/29/07

Today was my long run for the week--10 miles and some change. I decided last night that I'd run 10 this morning to get some longer mileage in as I get ready for the half-marathon coming up in a month and then the marathon in February. It's a little early to have the marathon plan together, but I need to build up my base mileage now.

As you can see from the Nike+ picture above, the run started good and slowly went downhill and then I picked it up as I got closer to the end. Slowest time was around 9 minute miles and fastest was in the 8:25-8:30 milers. Feeling good, but tired.


Petraruns said...

that's some great speed you've got going there - I envy you! I wish I could pump out a slow 9 minute miler at the mo'. Thanks for the recalibration tip - I have recalibrated but it's still not quite right.. Very very annoying. Am running on a treadmill tomorrow so will hopefully sort it out then. And I've been thinking about this relay race - but it's nuts! 200 miles in 24 hours? If there were 10 of us I'd have to do 20 miles in 2:40!!!! I am a turtle remember?

Maddy said...

Nice job on the 10! You will rock that half marathon!

nylisa said...

Sounds like a good run in the bag. I've seen those t shirts today and wondered how the heck does anyone complete 200 miles! Guess I got my answer!