Monday, September 24, 2007

Call for Runners: Reach the Beach 200 mile relay anyone?

Every year, New Hampshire has a 200-mile relay from coast to coast called "Reach the Beach". 10-12 runners (or less for the crazier people) run across the state over alternating legs to finish the race in 24 hours (or less).

I thought it'd be interesting to bring together all of the supportive runners that reach each other's blogs to compete together in this race. It's typically in the second weekend of September, so we'd have a year to work out the details. It's a big run, but it looks like it'd be a great challenge for everyone.

I'm strategically asking this before a number of people run their marathons in November. (Maddy, Petra, Susan, I'm looking at you.) I'm hoping to catch everyone on the upswing of the training.

So, what does everybody think? Up for one big blogger/runner challenge to end all challenges?

Some information below, if you're interested. Feel free to leave a comment if you're up for it. Registration is in April, so we have some time, but I wanted to plant the seed early.

- Course legs
- J's Tips for Reach the Beach


Maddy said...


Something to think about.

J said...

Good luck!!! It is awesome! So much fun. It's never about speed or the finishing time. It's about each person's personal challenge over the hills and doing something for the sake of the team. Let us know how you make out!

Petraruns said...

hmmmmm you're talking about actually physically running in the same place together which would be so cool and something I've been thinking of suggestion anyway - I was thinking more along the lines of running a marathon together sometime next year somewhere in the US - but maybe this would be good... Food for thought and stuff to go over in those LOOOOOONGG training runs. BTW - love the blog!