Monday, September 15, 2008

Progress - 9/15/08 (Stotts City, MO)

I'm now 1,142 miles into my journey and am continuing on Rt. 44 in Missouri. I'm just south of Stotts City. I'll continue west on Rt. 44 and will soon make my way into Oklahoma just missing Kansas by a mile or two.

Stotts City, population of 200, was originally known as Pax and then later as Belle Plaine before changing its name to what it is now.

The town saw some progress with Rt. 66 to its north and Rt. 44 to its south and has some local eateries like Hattie's Hamburger Heaven. Also, the Stearnsy Bears are manufactured in Stotts City. These bears have been featured on Hallmark and American Greetings cards in the past.


Marlene said...

Mmm, I hope you stopped for a burger!

I really like this idea. I think I may do something similar for 2009...I'll look at how far I "traveled" in '08, come up with a goal and the choose a "destination". Hope you don't mind that I copy you. :)

CewTwo said...

What a review. I would have liked slots City, but then again it would be a casino town. I don't like or appreciate gambling, but I do appreciate buffets. Umm... Err... Especially those with lean meats, pastas and great salads! (Yeah... Right!)