Monday, September 8, 2008

Seacoast Half Marathon entry

I just signed up for the Seacoast Half Marathon in beautiful Portsmouth, NH on November 9. I'm running it with a couple of friends from school, so that will make the race extra enjoyable.

That, and I'll most certainly head to the Portsmouth Brewery afterward for some adult beverages and burgers. It's a little known fact that beer is a fantastic recovery beverage for runners. Dang. Now the secret is out.

Since I will have run the 48 Miles in 48 Hours a couple of weeks earlier, I'm not at all worried that I'll be able to do the distance in a respectable time. Will it be a PR? Eh, I couldn't care less.


Petraruns said...

Oh I am so with you on your recovery drink ... And after the 48 miler you will have stored up some goodie points there...

Susan said...

Sounds like a fun plan!

CewTwo said...

Now I thought that beer affected the electrolyte levels in the body and would dehydrate a person. Are you sure about the Beer?

Just kiddin'! Enjoy!

Now on the map, the white areas are land, right? After all, the blue had what looked like mountains on it (OK, could be waves).

Do they have you running around in the water for that half? Is it really a duathalon?