Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Medical news from top and bottom

I finally got to the podiatrist at the end of last week. I had been having problems with the outside of my feet after my 48 Miles in 48 Hours run and near the end of my Seacoast Half Marathon run (though the pain had switched feet for some reason).

The good news is that nothing's broken/fractured, though I pretty much figured that out at this point. I don't have the pain when I run less than 10 miles, but it starts to hurt after that point, even after getting new sneakers. Apparently I have high arches and the makeup of my feet puts pressure on the outside of my feet. What may help: really expensive orthotics. I haven't decided if I'll go that route yet.

I've also been fighting off a bit of a head cold. Lots of people are much sicker (bronchitis is big around here) than me, so I'm not complaining too loud. In fact, I've remained relatively healthy throughout my time at law school. I credit my good diet and frequent physical activity to helping with that. This is really the first cold of any kind in law school, so I've been relatively lucky.

So while Sudafed and other drugs do help, I've found a sure fire way to solve a head cold. Run outside. It's amazing what 15 degree weather can do to clear your head out. As long as I'm outside in that weather, I feel great. I just need to figure out how to keep running continuously for the balance of the winter season.

Ah, running: it cure what ails you.


Mel-2nd Chances said...

glad to hear nothing is broken.. and hope you get over the head cold quickly! I agree with what you said about diet and exercise... keep running! :)

Marlene said...

I definitely agree that a nice cold run does wonders to clear the head. Feel better soon!

Also glad to hear there's nothing too severe to worry about with your foot/feet.

Petraruns said...

I found myself in the same position last spring with my knee injury. I went with the (expensive) orthotics and what can I say - I'm back on the road. I'm not sure whether they are what fixed me - the osteopath definitely helped a great deal as well - but it was part of the solution. As a really small consolation - the neutral shoes you will now use are cheaper. So you could earn your money back over about 10 pairs of running shoes? ;(

Susan said...

Running IS a great cure!

I recommend orthotics. Best thing I ever did! (Until I became preggo and everything about me, biomechanically, changed.)

ShirleyPerly said...

YAY for nothing broken! Good luck on deciding whether to go with orthotics. Maybe if you keep your runs relatively short through the winter you can at least defer the decision until later.

PS - I can't imagine running in sub-30 deg weather!

Runner Leana said...

I'm so glad to hear that there is nothing broken! If you are looking for an alternative to try before getting orthotics Rainmaker just reviewed some customizable inner soles and he compared them to his orthotics. Maybe worth a try before plunking lots of money down?

I hope you feel better soon!