Friday, March 27, 2009

iPod as a to-do list

I've been struggling to stay motivated on the longer runs and have found most of my music to be a bit stale. The music's good, mind you, but I've just heard it so many times that it's lost its luster.

This past weekend I decided to let my lack of time and scheduled long run work well together. So, in addition to the standard work out playlist, I created a "to-do" playlist in iTunes and synced it to my fitness iPod.

The to-do playlist consists of new music that I just haven't had the chance to listen to. It may be a new type of music or a CD that a friend has burned for me. I only have so much time in the car and don't often get a chance to listen to everything. But, on those long runs, I've got nothing but time.

The one down side is that it's not always "pick me up" type music with a rhythm that keeps us going as you near the end. It hasn't been a problem so far, though, because at least it's new and I can concentrate on the new stuff.


Mel-2nd Chances said...

fresh music can definitely be good, but i know what you mean about certain songs not been too upbeat. have a great weekend!

Marlene said...

I do this too.

I actually enjoy a nice mellow song during a run now and then, as long as most of the music is upbeat.

Any recommendations for us? I need some new stuff! (I'll listen to ANYTHING)

Joe said...

Tech question for you: is this a manual list or a smart list?

I have a smart list on my iPod that is unplayed items only; the list is reduced upon sync with iTunes.

Just set "playcount is 0" as the option, and off you go. You can also combine this out to unplayed by date range, if you only want unplayed, new additions:
"playcount is 0" +
"date added is in the last X months"

If you listen to podcasts, you can filter the smartlist with:
"podcast is false"

Susan said...

I'm with ya... some songs I just LOVE are slow. Darn it!

I'm 100% podcasts out there these days, though, so I can no longer relate!