Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Progress - 3/18/09 (Erick, OK)

I'm now 1,533 miles into my journey (56% completed) and about 10 miles from the Oklahoma/Texas border which I'll easily hit this week. I'm continuing on Rt. 40 which I'll be on for the next 1,000 miles or so. I passed through Oklahoma City on my way to the Texas border.

I'm just north of Erick, Oklahoma which is on historic Rt. 66. Erick does boast a Roger Miller Museum, and, well, not much else.

For now, I'm crossing the width of Texas on Rt. 40 on my way to LA!


Mel-2nd Chances said...

that's awesome! keep running! :)

Sarah Blakeley said...

Thanks for your comment! i totally needed it! Just might be willing to run lv 1/2 with you as i have 'can't say no' to local race complex... don't get me started, lol. How do i become a follower i am not a subscriber as i can't remember to check my Google reader but i check my dashboard every day and it fills me in on new posts by those i am a follower of.

Marlene said...

More than half way!