Saturday, June 27, 2009

My First "Brick" workout

Last weekend I did my first "Brick" workout, which was an absolute blast. A Brick workout is where you do a bike ride followed immediately by a run. Though I haven't committed to any triathlons yet (stupid swimming!), this is the first step toward at least a duathlon.

I did all of the preparation work. I filled my bike water bottles and my fuel belt before leaving on the ride. I put my running shoes directly next to the door and wore clothing that worked for both sports. That part was easy since I haven't yet purchased "biking clothing" so my biking clothes are my running clothes. I also haven't purchased biking shoes, so I've been wearing sneakers when I ride.

I know, I'm so hardcore. You don't have to say it.

I did a 14-mile ride without a problem and immediately threw my bike inside, tossed on my fuel belt and went for a good 6-mile run. I didn't have any of the normal problems with my legs feeling weird, like I figured I'd have.

The real surprise, outside of the fact that I loved it as much as I did, was how fast I went out on the run. I looked down at my Garmin a mile in and I was at a 7-minute pace! For someone who struggles to keep 8:30-miles, this was a huge surprise. Of course I immediately slowed down, but shows you what you can do when you're warmed up.

I absolutely loved the breakup of riding/running and I ended up burning nearly 2,000 calories in the process. Don't worry, I made sure to put them back on as soon as possible!


X-Country2 said...

Congrats on the brick. I've been running then biking for a couple weeks, and I'm almost ready to make it the other way around and do a real brick. Almost. :o)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Awesome job on the brick!!! Give yourself a chance with the swimming, I'd bet you'd surprise yourself :D Well done!! Speedy run too!

ShirleyPerly said...

Terrific pace running off the bike!

I actually got my start in multisports by doing a couple duathlons first. But the real fun (and challenge) has been swimming for me. That changed me as much as running has changed you, I think.

Keep having fun!

Petraruns said...

Wow I'm impressed! Even more so that you like it so much. I'm behind you - don't have a bike yet - but it's all being worked on.. I'll be very interested to see whether overall you feel your running improves - I'll bet it does.

Susan said...

I am impressed! And I'm with ya... stupid swimming! Nah, it's just that I don't have free access to a pool. So this brick thing is for me! Thanks for the inspiration.

Marlene said...

Great job on the brick! And you didn't start small, either. Sounds like it went really well. Does this mean multi-sport events in your future? :)

Anonymous said...

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Thank you,
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