Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Philly to LA on Foot 101 - Visualizing the End to Help You Begin

I recently started writing a guest column at ProLong Magazine, an online magazine started by a friend from college. What I really liked about the magazine is that it looks at the total picture--mind, body and soul, and doesn't just focus on fitness while neglecting the other important parts. It's also written by non-professional writers which appeals to me because, as you can plainly tell, I'm far from professional.

In this column, entitled "Visualizing the End to Help You Begin," I talk about the basics of Philly to LA on Foot. It's about how I'm running virtually and how I'm using the map of the US to plot my progress as I run. Visualizing the end has really allowed me to focus on the mundane day-to-day runs by thinking about the fact that there's an end in sight.

I'm now in New Mexico on my way to California (more on that in another post) and I'm in the home stretch. Jump on over to my article if you're interested in the beginnings of Philly to LA on Foot and how it's helped me deal with the New England winters.


Mel-2nd Chances said...

in response to your comment, the treadmills are in MILES anyway, so i have to do the conversion anyway :D heading on over to check out the article... congrats on the gig!

Petraruns said...

Great article Greg - well-written, engaging and thought-provoking. Well done! And I think your strategy - and your overall philosophy - of running is very helpful to other runners. You have certainly made me think about why I do what I do.