Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring has sprung!

Just when I can't run in the cold and snow any more, Mother Nature comes along and completely changes my outlook on running. For the first time this year, I was able to run in a t-shirt and shorts. It was 55 degrees out, which is downright tropical for New Hampshire. (For those of you in the South, you might recognize this temperature as "freezing" in January).

Running in the cool spring weather just puts a pep into my step. Despite the fact that I'm running the same, incredibly boring route, it feels like new. I think my pace was considerably quicker and I was smiling the whole time. In the winter, I feel like I'm at war with the weather. I still go out to battle three times a week, but I feel like death when I get home.

But with this weather, I feel like Mother Nature is cooperating with me again and we're finally on speaking terms. That said, I know we're not out of the woods yet. It's snowed in New Hampshire as late as May, so I'm not counting my proverbial chickens before they're hatched. I'll just kindly remind Mother Nature that if she wants to remain friends with me, that means more sun and less snow.


Marlene said...

Good to 'hear' from you, Greg!

It's so nice having spring in the air, even if winter *might* still be lurking in the shadows.

Glad you got out there to enjoy it!

What's the plan for this season?

ShirleyPerly said...

Hooray for the ray of Spring!!

55 degs is surprisingly warm up there for this time of year. Heck, until last weekend, it would have been warmer than we've had lately too in Central FL. I just don't like swimming in 55 deg water ...

Petraruns said...

Nice one Greg! I know what you mean - the sun is just SUCH a help (and the disappearance of snow is great news too). The dark and cold make for such sluggish runs - it's amazing how nice it is to run and NOT worry about falling over.

Glad you got your mojo back. May I suggest heralding in spring with a new running route?

Mel-2nd Chances said...

welcome back!! Let's hope it lasts! :D