Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Keeping my head above water

The last time I posted was nearly two months ago. At that point, I was graduating from law school and had nothing but time on my hands. Well, since then, I've gone into full bar preparation mode. Unfortunately for me (but fortunately for my liver), I'm preparing to take the legal bar, not the how-many-beers-can-you-guzzle-in-an-hour bar exam.

Everyone describes the bar as a marathon. In other words, you're supposed to pace yourself and not get too tired during the two months plus of studying. I don't think many people understand how a marathon works when they make this comparison. When I want a marathon to end sooner, I just run faster. No such luck here. No matter how fast I run, the bar is still coming at the end of July. I can't make the finish line get here any sooner. I'd prefer a series of 10Ks or something like that. You know, anything that's a shorter distance that allows me to feel good about my progress.

As for exercise, I've been able to largely keep up with it. I haven't been running 20+ miles a week, but I have been running several times a week and have been biking to supplement the running. Unfortunately, I find that the biking doesn't burn anywhere near the number of calories that running does, so that means that I have to ride considerably farther and longer to get the same calories burned.

So what does that mean? It means I'm not biking as much as I'd like because it takes so much time out of my day. I have been enjoying it significantly more than running, though, I must say. Zero impact and I can actually go places, as opposed to an out and back or a run in a circle. Biking definitely gives me more options.

For now, I'm trying to keep my sanity by also keeping my waistline down. Hitting the roads really has a way of clearing my head. I think I'm going to need that over the next 30 days because my head is full of all sorts of crazy legal data.

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