Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Training to Ruin A Marathon

I enjoyed a satirical article from The Onion this morning called, "I'm Training to Ruin A Marathon". In the article, the author talks about the fears that a typical marathoner ruiner might have, like:
  • the hornets die en route
  • not slashing the tires of the first aid vehicles that follow the runners
  • not consuming the right diet of pop rocks and soda to get in the right mood
Other important questions:
  • Do you call the fire department to report a big accident at mile 12?
  • Do you hip check people or stop abruptly?
All good questions. All good questions, indeed.


ShirleyPerly said...

Very funny! He could have been the one responsible for praying to the Sun God for the conditions they had at Chicago last year.

Laura said...

Sorry so late, but this is absolutely hysterical! Thanks for sharing, and hope you don't mind if I repost.

Susan said...

Ha ha!

CewTwo said...

Umm... Err... Doesn't fill this neophyte with confidence!

I did get a laugh out of it.