Sunday, December 5, 2010

Longing for the "dizzy" feeling

As I've shared (several times), I'm not in the training mode right now and haven't been for a while. You could call my miles "maintenance miles" if you were extremely generous and being bribed. I'm in the 3-mile range at this point, not because I can't do more, but because I don't want to do more.

That said, I recently did a 5-mile run. In the past, that was just a warm-up for a much longer run. Heck, going up until my final destination at LAX, I was doing 7-mile runs 3 days a week. 5 miles would have been me wimping out. These days, 5 miles is a bit of a stretch.

I was debating between Dizzy Dean and Dizzy Gillespie,
so I went with more recognizable choice.
But after I ran the 5 miles, I had this dizzy feeling that I used to get when I was putting in unbelievable mileage (which, for me, was 30-35 miles a week). It's like when you stand up and you know that you haven't put enough calories into your body. Your body is telling you that you have to eat. And when you're done eating, you still get that feeling, so you eat again until it goes away. This is one of those phenomenon that only runners would understand.

I hadn't realized how much I missed that feeling until I got it again recently. It's an odd feeling to miss, of course, because it simply tells me that I'm not doing a good job at regulating my calories with my fitness. But it is a feeling that reminds me that I'm doing a lot of fitness.

I'm still not 100% ready to go back into some intense training mode, but this recent dizzy spell did send me for a bit of a spin. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

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Petraruns said...

Love that pic and know that feeling and MAN it's good.

Why don't you do some speedwork? 1 mile warmup, then 4x800s, 1 mile cooldown. I find I dread them, then do them, and they make me feel MILES better. I have to work so HARD I can't really think about the fact I don't want to be doing them.